Micro.blog redirects

I rolled out several improvements to Micro.blog today. I’ve been working on a long-term plan to significantly improve publishing performance for blog posts, and the first part of that is live now. It may not be immediately noticeably but it will start to make a difference for some parts of the publishing workflow behind the scenes. (And in the best case, some things will already be faster.)

I also finished better support for redirecting URLs in hosted blogs. This cleans up some clunkiness in the old implementation:

  • When you create a page where the text content is just a plain URL, Micro.blog will better redirect to that URL without loading any of the design layout for your blog. This eliminates the flicker or partial page load you could see previously in some themes.
  • There is now a separate “New Redirect” button under Pages on the web. This lets you set up extra redirects, for example old URLs when migrating from a previous blog platform. These redirects are only checked when a page does not already exist on your blog.

Note that when using the import feature of Micro.blog — from WordPress, Ghost, Medium, or Tumblr — Micro.blog tries to automatically create redirects to preserve your old URLs. It also redirects common RSS feed URLs. It does not list these special redirects on the Pages screen.

Thanks everyone for using Micro.blog! We’ve seen a lot of new interest this week with the release of Ulysses. More improvements on the way.

Manton Reece @manton