Sunlit 3.4

Sunlit 3.4 is now available in the App Store. For this update, we focused on improving the timeline experience, cleaning it up so that it better focuses on photos and viewing conversations. There are a bunch of little changes that together make the app feel much more responsive and easier to use:

  • Streamlined the timeline user experience, with single tap to view conversations and moved some buttons to secondary screens.
  • Improved performance and added placeholder blurred backgrounds while photos load.
  • Fixed bugs, updated toolbar with translucency, and other design tweaks.

The blurred photo placeholders are done with BlurHash. Whenever you post a photo, calculates the BlurHash for it and includes that value in the /posts/media JSON Feed so apps like Sunlit can use it.

Remember that the iOS app also supports sharing photos from Glass, and those photos will show up in Sunlit. I’ve been using Glass in addition to posting to my own blog for my murals photoblog series this month, and some of these improvements in Sunlit 3.4 are partially inspired by the UI polish in Glass. This is the best version of Sunlit yet.

Manton Reece @manton